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House of Transcription (HOT) is a Toronto-based company with 10 years of experience working with filmmakers, broadcasters and other media producers. Unlike many transcription agencies, HOT is full-service. We go beyond transcription, providing in addition translation from any source language to any target language. Whether you need Korean content broadcast in English or a Swahili documentary translated into French, we're up to the task. HOT can provide verbatim multilingual transcripts and accurate translations of any dialogue into the language of your choice.

HOT specializes in transcription and translation for audiovisual media, film, TV and radio. Like a big conglomerate, we bring you the combined expertise of a multilingual staff able to transcribe and translate from and into any foreign language; but like a neighbourhood business, HOT offers personalized, friendly service.

Because HOT professionals understand the processes behind filmmaking, we eliminate what can be a logistical nightmare for many directors, producers and editors. From providing a translated transcript to help you tell the story, to ensuring the correct final placement of subtitles or voiceover, HOT delivers a streamlined, hassle-free experience.

We know how easy it is to get lost in the dialogue when you don’t speak the language, that’s why we deliver a final side-by-side transcription of the source language(s)and English with as many time code entries as you might require.



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