With our comprehensive multimedia serviceswe provide a full suite of video services, including translation, localization, and transcription. From regionally relevant visuals to precise subtitles, as well as top-notch audio and video production, we empower you to enhance the reach and influence of your multimedia content.

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Unlocking Storytelling Efficiency with Transcriptions

Streamlined Editing Process

  • Problem: Storytellers spend hours sifting through raw footage, searching for critical moments.
  • Solution: Transcriptions offer searchable content. Detailed transcripts streamline post-production, saving time. Our professional transcribers handle the work, freeing you to focus on creativity.

PRO TIP: Accessibility-wise, captions cater to the Deaf & hard of hearing audiences, making your work more inclusive!

Starting as low as $0.99/minute


Why Video Translation Matters

Video translation plays a crucial role in ensuring your content remains relevant in diverse target markets and extends its global impact. Allow us to guide you in identifying the right languages to target and achieving your multimedia localization objectives.

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Precision in Translation and Subtitling

  • Problem: Filmmakers often work with international audiences. Accurate translation and subtitling are crucial for global reach.
  • Solution: Transcriptions serve as a blueprint for translation. Whether it’s dubbing, subtitling, or localization, having the original dialogue in written form ensures precise translations. No more lost nuances or misinterpretations.
  • Objection: “Can’t we just use automated tools?”
    • Response: Automated tools lack context and cultural sensitivity. Our human transcribers understand idiomatic expressions, cultural references, and emotional tones, ensuring high-quality translations.

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From $99

Unlocking Success: Hott Subtitling Service (HSS)

1. Effortless Multilingual Storytelling

Transforms your content into a global phenomenon. Our expert linguists craft multilingual subtitles that resonate with viewers worldwide. Whether it’s a gripping courtroom drama or an emotional documentary, we ensure your message transcends borders.

2. Global Reach, Local Impact

Strikes the balance by provide localized subtitles that retain the essence of your original content. Our multilingual approach ensures your work resonates with audiences from Tokyo to Paris.


3. Your Vision, Our Words

We’ll craft emotionally resonant subtitles. Our words breathe life into characters, evoke laughter, and stir tears. Your vision, amplified across languages.


From $240

Enhance Your Multimedia Content with Voiceover and Dubbing

When localizing your audio and video materials, we offer a comprehensive auditory experience through voiceover and dubbing. For basic multimedia localization, a voiceover—a single-voice narration—will suffice. However, for high-visibility content with multiple voices, consider our dubbing services, which involve multiple voice actors to convey your message exactly as intended. Learn more…

Why House of Transcription & Translation?

HOTT offers expert multilingual subtitling and captioning services. With our international network of linguists, dedicated project managers, and industry expertise, we ensure accurate and culturally sensitive translations for your video content, helping you reach global audiences.

HOTT not only provides super quick turnarounds and dedicated support, but we also excel at localizing your project to ensure it resonates authentically with your audience.

Experience captions that speak volumes! 

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