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House of Transcription offers multimedia companies personalized service from conception to completion. Our transcription process is designed to make this part of your production as easy and pain free as possible. We work with all forms of media, so you can ship, upload or simply email your content to us and we'll take it from there.

Step one: You send us the media you wish to have transcribed, either as a DVD, CD, uploaded to an FTP sever or as a simple email attachment. We'll transcribe your foreign language video/audio footage and produce a transcript in the source language. For example, let's say you're a television documentary company shooting the construction of the world's biggest hydro dam in Korea and some of your shots have people speaking Korean. Simply send us the footage or a single clip and within a day or two we'll generate a transcript that will look a lot like the sample just below:

Step two: Once we have transcribed the footage, we translate it into English or any other language you require the transcript in. This will make a world of difference for the Director. You'll receive a side-by-side verbatim translation with time codes, so you know the precise location of every word and be able to prepare the paper edit to produce the finished product with subtitles or voiceover. For example:

Step three: We send an interpreter into the edit suite to ensure the audio corresponds to the subtitles or voiceover for final cut. We have interpreters that we work with all over North America and Europe, so no need to worry about quality. We've got you covered!

Get Started!
Are you ready to bring clarity and accuracy to your multilingual production? Give us a call at 877.580.0944 or e-mail us for a quote and we'll be more than happy to discuss your project in greater depth.

We're able to transcribe from the media & file formats listed below. The best way to send us your files is via FTP. Either upload to your own FTP site and send us the link, or put it on ours. We would prefer .WMA files but we're flexible to suit your needs too!


Physical Media Digital Audio Digital Video
MiniDV CD Audio DivX video
HDV WAV Quicktime
DV Cam MP3 DVD MPEG 4 Video
Audio Cassette with timecode AAC AVI
DAT with timecode OGG  
Minidisc with timecode WMA  
DVD with BITC    
Flash Card    


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