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What makes House of Transcription so unique is our years of experience working with multilingual projects. Foreign language transcription is becoming more and more prevalent as many production companies, documentary producers, and reality programmers reach out across the globe. If your video or audio footage has foreign language content, House of Transcription can produce a verbatim transcript of this content and then translate it into English for you to facilitate editing, for instance.All of our transcripts are transcribed and then manually proofread. We guarantee complete accuracy of content & spelling. Your transcript will be easy to read & easy to follow.

If you would like further information regarding our foreign language services, including casting, voice-over, translation, transcription, audio production, and cross-cultural localization, please call us at 877.580.0944 or e-mail us.

Types of Verbatim Transcription with Timecode:

⇒ Documentaries                                            ⇒ Focus/research group footage

⇒ Feature Films                                              ⇒ Corporate training videos

⇒ Reality Shows                                             ⇒ Panel discussions in audio or video

⇒ DvD Content                                              ⇒ Podcasts

⇒ Footage in foreign languages                         ⇒ Webcasts/webinars

⇒ Rushes                                                       ⇒ Legal

⇒ Interviews                                                   ⇒ Medical

⇒ Speeches

⇒ Conferences in audio or video


Each 15 minutes of video or audio takes House of Transcription about 1 hour to transcribe. So, if you have three hours of video, for example, you should budget approximately 10 - 12 hours of transcription time.

Transcription is charged by the hour and rates are dependant on the complexity of the material and the clarity of audio. House of Transcription can offer you a sliding pricing schedule depending on volume of material. Give us a call at 877.580.0944 or e-mail us for a quote and we'll be more than happy to discuss your project in greater depth.

House of transcription is also proud to offer special rates to all independent filmmakers who are members of the IDA (International Documentary Association) & DOCULINK communities.

House of Transcription is pleased to offer you an integrated translation service. Having been born out of Amero Communications a translation agency, House of Transcription is able to offer quality translations to meet all your language needs. House of Transcription collaborates with clients and gives them the opportunity to work with the same translator(s) from project to project to ensure consistency, as well as proper usage of preferred industry jargon to deliver an accurate message in a timely manner. We take the time to build and maintain relationships with both our translators and our clients, to the benefit of both parties.

List of Translation Services

⇒ Foreign language transcripts                    ⇒ Release Forms

⇒ Location Agreements                             ⇒ Press Releases

⇒ Electronic Press Kits (EPKs)                    ⇒ TV interviews

⇒ Focus/research group footage                 ⇒ Corporate training videos

⇒ General content, such as travel letters, equipment lists, etc.


Here is a list of some of the languages that we offer. House of Transcription can produce transcripts of video or audio in any one of these languages, as well as translate them into English, if required. If the language you require is not on this list, this does not mean that we do not offer it. Please contact us for more information.

Arabic transcription, Bulgarian transcription, Bengali transcription, Chinese  transcription (traditional and simplified), Czech transcription, Danish transcription, Dutch transcription, English transcription, Estonian transcription, Finnish transcription, French transcription (Canadian or European), German transcription, Greek transcription, Hungarian transcription, Inuktitut transcription, Italian transcription, Japanese transcription, Korean transcription, Latvian transcription, Lithuanian transcription, Maltese transcription, Norwegian transcription, Polish transcription, Portuguese transcription (Brazil or European), Punjabi transcription, Romanian transcription, Russian transcription, Slovak transcription, Slovene transcription, Spanish transcription (Latin American or European), Swedish transcription, Tamil transcription, Thai transcription, Turkish transcription, Ukrainian transcription, Urdu transcription, Vietnamese transcription.

House of Transcription works in collaboration with ethnic voice talent agencies helping you source union and non-union talent for your project. Part of our voice talent sourcing service includes providing a studio monitor for your record session, to supervise the talent's work thus ensuring timing to video (in dubbing) and accuracy of pronounciation and content.



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